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Summerfeast 2014
Summerfeast 2014

Here is some more information on the first phase of the Summerfeast.

As you surely have noticed, several new npcs have arrived in the world of TibiaME. Talk to Sunkiest in Aurea to get started with your quest to help with the Summerfeast.

After doing the quests he tasks you with, you can participate in the daily quests of the Summerfeast preparations and earn tokens. These quests are available at the collector npcs on different islands and give you experience according to the island. On each island you can collect a special item that is needed in the preparation ritual. Just talk to the collectors on an island and he will tell you which item he needs and how to find it.

After doing your requested part in the preparations and receiving your token reward, you can still help your world to reach your overall goal of achieving the first of the Summerfeast blessings but there will be no personal reward for that.

The preparations last for 7 days during which you can do the daily quests and the volunteer work. If your world reaches the targeted item counts till then, Sunna will bless the world with a 10% experience bonus on all monsters for the following 5 days. Should the world fail to make the preparations, it will be able to try again after a 5 days period of contemplation.

After finishing the preparations you can go to Sunna again. He will need your help again and task you with new quests. After completing these you can again participate in another world quest for an even stronger blessing of Sunna. In this second phase you will also have the chance to earn more Tokens then in the previous one.
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