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For New Players
Downlaod TibiaME :
First you need to download TibiaME, It's what you need to play TibiaME
You can to
Download TibiaME
from this site or from Official TibiaME site.

Creating new account :
After downloading TibiaME on your mobile, you need to make new character.
First press 'New game'... Name, Password and World... it's your choice.

In TibiaME only have two different vocations to choose from :
Warriors is strong vocation, which is concentrate on their strength and dexterity, which is why they use magical weapons. However, they are fearsome in combat, and their battle skill increases considerably with every level they gain.
Warrior starts with 100HP and 100MP, and every level it gets 10HP and 2MP
Male: Female:

Wizards prefer to fight with magical weapons and magic spells, which is more effective than normal weapons, consume mana with every successful hit. The wizard's battle skill increases only slightly when gaining a level, however, this is counterbalanced by their magical power which far exceeds the limited abilities of the warrior class.
Wizard starts with 100HP and 100MP, every level it's gets 4HP and 8MP
Male: Female:

How to attack (Hunt/Arena):
You will be automaticlly attack monsters and characters in arena

How to wear and use items (Weapons/Armours/Fluid/Spells):
Press ok/execute buttom, choose "use" and navigate to the backpack.

Shortcuts in game menu Press ok/execute button :
'1' Take 
(To take any item from the floor to your backpack)
'2' Use   
(To use any item in your backpack)
'3' Drop   
(To drop any item from your backpack)
'4' Bakcpack 
(The shortcut for the backpack from all menu)
'5' Armour  
(To check what armour you using/change armour)
'6' Map  
(To check where are you on the map)
'7' Look(To check items description and read Parchments)
'8' Talk 
(To talk in public chat with all players who around you)
'9' Private chat(To talk Private with someone)
'#' Info(Info about "Who is online, Rankings, Character info, ect)
'*' Premium(Info About Preimum)

Armours slots :

In the game you will find many icons: Level Health point (HP) Mana point (MP)
Hit Damage
Fire Damage
Ice Damage
Energy Damage
Holy Damage Armour (For Warriors and Wizards)
Only for warriors (Armours)
Only for wizards (Armours) Only for warrior (Weapons/Spells) for wizards (Weapons/Spells)

What is stamina?
Every player starts with 56 hours stamina. Only when you fight monsters, time is deducted from your stamina. When you chat or simply walk around, no time is deducted.

Gaining XP with different stamina:
56-54 hours -> +50% XP
53-15 hours -> normal XP
14-00 hours -> 50% XP
00 hours -> no XP at all

Stamina regenerates while characters are logged out. For every 2 minutes you are offline (not logged into the game), your character will regain 1 minute of stamina. So you need to rest 2 hours to regain 1 hour of stamina. Please note, however, that stamina only starts to regenerate after you have been logged off for 10 minutes.

In the "Info" menu of your client you will find the menu point "Character info.", Inside it find "Stamina" which shows you your current remaining stamina time. Shortcuts (# 1 4)

What are Achievements?
Achievements are extra goals that you can accomplish while playing TibiaME. You can use them to compare yourself with other characters without having to fight them. Achievements can be very simple things like joining a guild, travel for the first time by ship, collect a small amount of gold, or more difficult things like slaying a huge amount of monsters by using a certain damage type. Achievements are a great way to show others how successful you have played the game so far.

You can look up your own achievements in the "Info" menu by pressing #. Find "Character Info". Select "Achievements" from the list to see either your "Finished" or "Unfinished" achievements. Click on "Finished" and "Info" to see which deeds you have already fulfilled and what exactly you have done to reach them. By clicking on "Unfinished" and "Info", you can find all achievements that are still available for your character and what it needs to do to earn them.

You can check out achievements of other characters by selecting it from the "Who is online?" list in the "Info" menu. If you "choose" a character there, you will be able to see some extra information about this character as well as the menu point achievements. You can also get this information by selecting a character from one of the "Rankings", however, achievements will only be displayed if the selected character is currently online.

What are Guilds in TibiaME?
If you are not a member of a guild, you can create your own. To do so, simply enter one of the guild houses and select "Found Guild". In order to create a guild you need to select a name for it. Please remember that the TibiaME rules apply to guild names as well, so be sure to select a legal name.

Once the guild has been created, you have access to the guild menu. You can now invite other players to join your guild, promote them to vice leaders or demote them as well as throw selected players out of the guild or disband the guild altogether.

As a vice leader you can invite other players to the guild as well, but you cannot kick members or delete the guild.

Guild members get bonus XP. If two players of one guild kill a monster together, each player will get a 10% bonus on his experience share of that monster. For example:

Player 1 and Player 2 are attacking a monster with 100 hit points. Player 1 deals 70 damage and Player 2 deals 30 damage.

   * Player 1 will now get 70 XP + 7 XP bonus
   * Player 2 will now get 30 XP + 3 XP bonus

How to use spells and spellbooks
In the magical world of TibiaME, all characters have some magical talent and are able to cast spells. Wizards have of course much more magical potential than warriors, and are so able to learn much more spells and to use them more successfully. While warriors fight their enemies with a shiny weapon, wizards will cast powerful spells to defend their opponents.

To be able to cast a spell, you needs 2 things: a spell and a spellbook. Spells and spellbooks can be gained in various ways, e.g. some can be bought at NPCs, others can be received as quest reward.

Once you have learnt a spell and gained a spellbook, visit a spell shop - look for a wizard who is displaying a skull in his shop window. In the spell shop, a gifted wizard will transfer the spell to the spellbook using some magical energy. Whenever you "use" this spellbook now, you will cast the spell that is bound to this book, provided you have enough mana.

Note that every spellbook can hold only one spell. "Look" at your spellbook to find out which spell it contains.

You should visit Aurato on Lybera to learn your first healing spell and to receive your first spellbook for free. The wizard in the spell shop nearby will gladly transfer this spell to your brand-new spellbook. "Use" the spellbook to heal yourself whenever you are injured.

Premium Account:
Why should it buy premium?
  • More experience points after level 10
  • Access to all islands
  • Possibility to use all portals
  • Login guarantee
  • Reduced experience loss at deaths
  • Get all spells
  • Possibility to found a guild

Video to show you what to do after your first login

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