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Spring update 2014

The Spring Update 2014 has been published. Please post your feedback and bug reports in this thread.

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Spring update 2014
Here is the list of features which will be released with the update.

Boss battle in Solahmar:
A new boss battle for level 70 and above was added to Solahmar. Visit Soultaken Island and challenge Ak'ra'thes in the triple pyramid to gain a brand new hit armor set.


In addition you can get the Brute Force or Leveller as new hit weapons.


New island for high-level characters: Ephialtis
The new island is for all characters of level 105 and above... Read more »
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It is time to give you a first small teaser of the upcoming spring update!

New Island for high level players
A complete new island will be added to the world of TibiaME. Explore the ancient battle ground of black dragons and demons. Challenge new types of elite monsters and be prepared to face the most dangerous opponents ever seen.

New Boss Battle on Solahmar
Ak'ra'thes, the Soultaken King will await you in his tomb on Solahmar. Face this challenging new boss battle and repel the evil threating not only Solahmar but the whole world. Your reward will be a new rare armor set especially forged to prevent hit damage.

Repeatable rewards for boss battles
The tokens acquired through boss battles will not become useless anymore after you got your full ar... Read more »
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Dragon Rutting Event
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We have just released a new Android and Webclient in version 2.19. These clients support a new payment method called Sponsorpay and also improve the handling of pets and guilds.

About Sponsorpay:
SponsorPay is an easy new way to earn Platinum in TibiaME. In short it works like this. You can choose out of various different actions, like trying out new software, watching a video or registering on a platform offered by SponsorPay. Once you have completed the task you will be rewarded with Platinum in TibiaME.

SponsorPay is not only available in the latest Android and Webclient, but also on our website. Just visit the payment section and click on SponsorPay. After entering your character's name and world, you will be able to perform rewarded actions for your character. If you want to know more about SponsorPay visit the FAQ section.

Improved guild support:
Last but not least you will also receive additional information about you... Read more »
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Double EP Event
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Valentine's Day Event
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