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Spring Update 2015: Open Beta
Today (08.07.2015) at 15:00 CET we started the public beta test of the Springupdate 2015. If you want to test the upcoming update on one of our 2 beta test servers, please use the beta webclient you can find at Create a character and choose world 3 or 4 to play on.
Please note that there will be no other clients available for beta testing.

Here is a quick preview of the new content you will be able to test:

Banuna Revamp Part 1
The eastern areas of the vast jungle island of Banuna have been revamped. Venture to this mysterious island on behalf of Belden, the kings man for special operations, to find a missing expedition of Colonel Kurtz and discover a secret of the elder times.
Enjoy 16 brand new and exiting quests of the new Banuna mainquestline. Will you be able to survive the dangers lurking in the jungles of this mysterious island and solve the riddles that obscure the path of creation?

New Pets
The druids on Aurea have enhanced the power of the spirit catcher. Now the spirits of eyes and skonkeys can be collected to. Talk to either Lunduir or Illaduir to learn more.

New Armour Set
A brand new hit/soul armour set ranging from level 35 to 39 will be available on Banuna. Parts of the new Covering Armour set can already be received as rewards from the quest.

Private Dungeons
Ever wanted to own a private dungeon where you and your friends can hunt undisturbed? This is possible with the new update. Circusia now features 3 new dungeons with monsters from different level ranges. These are available for rent. Just go to the Marketplace and check out the new offers. You can also talk to the new NPC Dunmast who will lead you to the offers and provides you with some useful items as long as you own a dungeon.

Should you encounter any problems or want to give us your opinion, please use the official feedback thread you can find here

Screenshots of the beta are posted here: ... 044&type=3

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