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Solahmar Academy (Old Place)
2010-07-18, 6:15 AM
Category: Quests | Added by: Mkiller
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5 HGL   [Entry]
good movie !

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4 Mkiller   [Entry]
That was many month ago, before automap lunched
and this not my main client for play.

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3 RafiAccount   [Entry]
I know you already registered, what i meant is that the map was black and u was on academy before.

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2 Mkiller   [Entry]
i just showed the way, im aleady have all the spells and register from long time ago..

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1 RafiAccount   [Entry]
Nice biggrin

I noticed something wierd on the video,
on the mini map the academy area was black and inside the academy was black too, which means you never was in the academy,

but you didnt speak to any NPC and you could enter the place where you learn spells which means you were already registered to the academy.

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