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Hunterra Island - Hint 2
You can reach all these areas by taking the quests that can be done for the camp npcs.

The quests of this npc have a simple structure. Just kill the number of monsters he asks you for, then go back and get your reward.

The tasks this npc gives you are also quite straight forward. Just kill as many of the monsters he requests in one hour. The more you kill, the more experience you get. Up to a maximum of course.

Don Correc
This is probably a little tricky to understand. The npc wants you to take one hour to kill a set number of a specific monster. If you reach the number to early or the time runs out before you reach it, then your accuracy is off. A little off is tolerable but the more you are off, the less reward you will receive. Should you be to far off, like reaching the kill count in 10 minutes or killing just 2 of the monsters in one hour, you failed and will receive nothing.

Also an npc for straight forward quests. Find the monster he names, kill it and collect the drops until you reach the number requested.

The tasks he gives you are a little more tricky again. They require some special action to get what is required, like finding a blooming bloodroot and killing a monster next to it. Or using an item on a weakened monster to make the drop of some crystals possible. Perhaps you must even kill harmless little creatures to lure their might protector, as it has the thing you need.

The NPCs will restrict the possible quests to the level range of the player or the tasks done. So you will only get the quests that send you into the cavern, when you have reached a certain level or done all quests in the previous area at least once.
Each of the quests is repeatable once every 24 hours.

Hunterra also has some new achievements for you to collect:

Hunting Trails: Used all portals on hunterra

Young Boar
Small Game Hunter
Big Game Hunter
Speed Hunting Trophy
Spiritual Hunter
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