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First Hunting Tournament
As you might have already read in the news the first ever hunting tournament starts on TibiaME today Wednesday 17.12.14.
After a short maintenance downtime you can participate and become the first ever world hunting champion on your world.

As we are aware that many of you might have some questions about how the tournament works, we decided to give you a short summary on how the tournament system works:
With the end of the downtime, the first hunting tournament in TibiaME will start. To participate you have to open the Marketplace and buy a tournament entrance ticket.

With this ticket you have to go to Colessea and use the teleporters in the south-west or the south-east of the island to get to the tournament hunting ground. The hunting ground has 3 levels with differing monster strength.
The farther down you go, the stronger the monsters will become and the more experience you get. All of the hunting grounds is also a pvp area with no death penalty. So beware of other players and choose the appropriate tactic to become the world hunting champion.

When entering the hunting ground your ticket is activated. From this moment on you have one hour to kill monsters there and sum up as much experience points as you can. Please note that only the raw experience of the monster is added to the tournament score. Of course boosts still work for personal experience gained but they don't have any influence on the tournament score.

This first tournament runs from approximately 9:30 to 16:30 CEST. 2 hours before the end of the tournament, which should be around 14:30, the sale of the entrance key will be stopped. After the stop of the sale all players with a valid key are still allowed to enter the tournament zone until 1 hour before the official closing time. At this point no one may enter the tournament any more. Only the players already in the hunting ground may finish their hunt.

With the end of the tournament the final ranking is published. You can find it in your characters info when choosing the tournament section. There you can find three different rankings. The present tournament ranking is only active while a tournament is running and some time after that. it is updated every 60 seconds and shows your position in the top 100 of the tournament. Then there is the tournament champion ranking. This shows your overall ranking in all the tournaments ever held. And finally there is the world champion ranking. This shows the present world champion which is the winner of the last tournament.

Based on the final ranking the rewards for the tournament are given away. The ranks 1 to 5 will be rewarded with platinum vouchers and they can talk to the npc Rewardio and choose one of the reward items he offers. The number of platinum that each player receives depends on his rank and the number of participants in the tournament. Because of this it is not possible to give you specific numbers but each of the first 3 will always receive more than he paid and the ranks 4 and 5 will at least receive what they paid.
The ranks 6 to 20 will not receive any platinum reward, but they also may ask the npc Rewardio for a reward.

If you encounter any problems or want to give us your feedback, then please use the official tournament feedback thread here.
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