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Autumn Update 2014 [Follow up]
Ok, the Erebos worldquest seems to be a little more complicated than I anticipated. I will try to explain it again:
With the repolarization of the first barrier the world has 24 hours to either repolarize another barrier or bring a certain amount of hell crystals.
The repolarization of another barrier resets the time and the 24 hours start anew. This can of course only work until all barriers are open.

If the 24 hours run out without the opening of another barrier, then it is checked if enough hell crystals were delivered to sustain the open barriers. The number of hell crystals depends on the number of open barriers and the time they were kept open continuously.

With the opening of the first barrier a base upkeep of 50 hell crystals is needed. This upkeep is raised by 20 for every additional barrier opened. Every 24 hour period the barriers are kept open without a new one repolarized, the upkeep is raised by 30 hell crystals. Every time an upkeep is failed, e.g. not enough hell crystals were collected after 24 hours, the topmost barrier will be closed, the upkeep will be reduced by 10 and the 24 hours start anew.

So if you opened all 5 barriers without the 24 hour timer running out, eg. a pause for an upkeep, then you have to collect 130 hell crystals in the 24 hours.
24 hours after the last barrier was opened the number of crystals collected is checked. If the 130 were reached gates stay open and the upkeep is raised by 30 to 160. This means the world has to collect 160 hell crystals until the next check in 24 hours.

Let's say that a world managed to keep the barriers open 5 times in a row then 280 would be needed for the next 24 hours check. Then let us assume they would fail with gathering the required 280 for the next check. This would mean that the topmost barrier would be closed and the upkeep would be reduced to 270.
Should the recently closed barrier be opened again within the next 24 hours the upkeep would rise to 290.

So the upkeep continues to rise until all barriers are closed again. Then it is reset to zero and the whole circle begins anew.

I hope this explanation answers all the questions!

Concerning the 99 rewards:
Weapon Killed Monsters Count
Fire1 Demon Lord/Archdemon 15000/10000
Fire2 Demon Lord/Archdemon 30000/20000
Fire3 Demon Lord/Archdemon 45000/30000
Hit1 Vampelder/Archlich 15000/10000
Hit2 Vampelder/Archlich 30000/20000
Hit3 Vampelder/Archlich 45000/30000
Soul1 Chaodrake/Fouldrake 15000/10000
Soul2 Chaodrake/Fouldrake 30000/20000
Soul3 Chaodrake/Fouldrake 45000/30000

Please note that you don't receive a weapon for each matching count. You still get only 3 weapons of a kind but now they can be received by reaching either monster kill count.

Fixes on Erebos
With the last server save we have published a fix that should address some of the problems that existed on Erebos.
Now you should be able to use your pet again. But the use is still restricted to the areas that are reconquered.
Also the no login areas on Erebos will change with the status of the barriers. From now on you should be able to login at the same position you have previously logged out as long as the barriers to this area are open at the time of your login. If they are not open, then you will still be logged in at the nearest fortress.
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