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S60v5 version2 problem
KenzDate: Friday, 2011-05-27, 2:57 PM | Message # 1

Bug hunter
Group: Players

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Country: Indonesia
World: 19
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I use nokia 5800 and i just install newest version s60v5 vers2,when i want add friend,letter or pin i cant find key to enter, please help

Aliman daryono
AngregornDate: Saturday, 2011-05-28, 7:08 PM | Message # 2
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Group: Advanced Players

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Country: United States
World: 26
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Yes plz Mkiller tell GM

Too bad you have to be lvl 900 to not miss with it...:(

Guild: Si Bolang, Vice-Leader, World 26

temsuDate: Saturday, 2011-05-28, 7:23 PM | Message # 3
Bug hunter
Group: Players

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Country: India
World: 21
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yup, i cant invite players to guild,create fourm,addfriends, change pass , send letter etc. GM plz fix 60v5 cilent

Added (2011-05-28, 7:23 PM)
And also i cant find jewellery shop. That old jewellery shop is d shop of changing our looks.

SweggaloDate: Sunday, 2011-05-29, 9:47 PM | Message # 4

Bug hunter
Group: Players

Joined: 2011-05-20
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Country: Sweden
World: 14
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Press the tab (enter) key on your qwerty-touch keyboard and you should be able to do all those things.
I am only having trouble with the safe trade and I am using the s60v5 version 2.
MkillerDate: Saturday, 2011-06-04, 11:34 PM | Message # 5
Ŧ H £ ¦¦ β î G ¦¦ B ô Š Ş
Group: Administrator

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Guys, about client porblems you must send E-Mail to Support@tibiame.com - We cant help you in such charcter or client problems.

TibiaME Forum » TibiaME Forum » Help » S60v5 version2 problem
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