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Spring update 2011: 2nd Beta
MkillerDate: Thursday, 2011-04-21, 10:34 AM | Message # 1
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Download the new Beta client (v2.00c)
TibiaME Classic for S60v3
TibiaME Classic for S60
TibiaME Classic for J2ME (Jar)
TibiaME Classic for J2ME (Jad)
TibiaME Classic for J2ME Moto (Jar)
TibiaME Classic for J2ME Moto (Jad)

http://testdownload.tibiame.com/tibiame_ng_s60v5_200c_openbeta.sisx (28 MB download!)

Important for S60v5 install:
1) Goto Tools -> App.Manager -> Options -> Setting
2) Set default software installationsetting to 'All'
3) Install TibiaME S60v5 Beta

Android client ready for download:

Due to restrictions from Apple it is not possible to offer an iPhone test client.

Welcome to the TibiaME Beta Test!
Spring update is coming near and we have been very busy working on new features and polishing the game for this great moment. As you already from the two teasers TibiaME is getting a big overhaul. We want your feedback on these changes – do you like it? Is TibiaME more challenging and fun?

How long will the test servers be available?
The Beta Test will be running from the 20.04.2011 until the 26.04.2011. Please understand that the game server may still crash from time to time, so there will be some maintenance times.

What do we need tested?
- Attributes & Skill system
- The individual skills
- Restrictions on armour
- Monsters (Overall strenght, loot, EP)
- Redesign of Lybera and Aurea
- Android clients

What can we do on the test servers?
- All players will be Premium (no matter when you create your character)
- You can buy all non-quest items at the Scrapyard for 1 gold
- Restrictions for armour will be enforced on the test, so you can only wear armour fitting your Defence Attribute level.

What is not possible in this test?
We want you to test the Attributes and Skill system. Also the requirements on the items and the changed monsters. As EP-NPCs always seem to end in everybody having the maximum possible level, we won't have them until the end of the test. This does of course mean that only players from the copied game world can test at their actual level for the largest part of the test. We understand that you all want to join the testing, but please understand that we cannot switch to 'fun' mode until we have collected enough feedback about the monsters.

How can i connect to the test server?
1. Download the new Beta client (v2.00c)
TibiaME Classic for S60v3
TibiaME Classic for S60
TibiaME Classic for J2ME (Jar)
TibiaME Classic for J2ME (Jad)
TibiaME Classic for J2ME Moto (Jar)
TibiaME Classic for J2ME Moto (Jad)

S60v5 client to follow!

Due to restrictions from Apple it is not possible to offer an iPhone test client.
2. Start a new game on world 23
3. Have fun

Got a character on the productive world 3? The Beta Test world is a copy of this world. Choose continue in the Beta client, enter your charactername and password. For the world please enter 23.

Attribute system
With the release of the spring update you will receive 4 Attribute points for each level up. One of these points will automatically be distributed to Mana (for warriors) or to health (for wizards). You can distribute the other 3 Attribute points freely between your Attributes 'Health', 'Mana', 'Attack' and 'Defence'. From Level 8 on you will also receive 1 Skill point, which can be used to activate different skills.

When distributing points to the Attributes there are some differences for the vocations though. Each point on the given Attribute will give you:
Health: Warrior +10, Wizard +4
Mana: Warrior +2, Wizard +8
Attack: Warrior +1, Wizard +1
Defense: Warrior +1, Wizard +1

First of all: To use a skill you need to distribute at least 1 skill point to it. Each point distributed this way will add 1 of 5 possible stars to the skill. The more stars, the more often you can use the skill (faster reload time).

You can activate one aggressive and one defensive skill at the same time. Each skill tree is divided into these two sections. Warriors have Defencive and Damage skills. Wizards have Heal and Damage skills.

Higher skills will require you to have certain skills at 5 stars, before you can distribute skill points to them.

Restrictions on armour: changes on existing items

Changes regarding Monsters:
Level 1 Monsters (EP 1): Bug, Furbal
Level 2 Monsters (EP 2): Snake
Level 3 Monsters (EP 3): Frog, Squirrel
Level 4 Monsters (EP 4): Spider
Level 5 Monsters (EP 5): Wolf
Level 6 Monsters (EP 7): Slime
Level 7 Monsters (EP 9): Hornet
Level 8 Monsters (EP 12): Mean wolf
Level 9 Monsters (EP 14): Scorpion, Lizardman
Level 10 Monsters (EP 18 ): Bat
Level 11 Monsters (EP 21): Lizarogue, Ghost
Level 12 Monsters (EP 25): Skeleton, Bear
Level 14 Monsters (EP 34): Restless
Level 15 Monsters (EP 39): Lizazzin, Skelenary
Level 16 Monsters (EP 45): Rabid Bear
Level 17 Monsters (EP 50): Tormented, Orc
Level 18 Monsters (EP 57): Skeleguard
Level 19 Monsters (EP 63): Zombie
Level 20 Monsters (EP 67): Minotaur, Polar Bear, Walrus, Killerbear
Level 21 Monsters (EP 71): Sabrecat, Cultist
Level 22 Monsters (EP 76): Frost Bear, Orc Raider
Level 23 Monsters (EP 80): Hissy
Level 24 Monsters (EP 85): Angrax
Level 25 Monsters (EP 89): Minosol, Icy Bear, Shombie
Level 26 Monsters (EP 94): Scratchy
Level 27 Monsters (EP 99): Cultix
Level 28 Monsters (EP 104): Bloodfly, Kappa, Orc Leader
Level 29 Monsters (EP 108): Tempguard
Level 30 Monsters (EP 113): Monk, Shogun, Twombie
Level 31 Monsters (EP 117): Buzzy, Kreppan, Long
Level 32 Monsters (EP 121): Primeguard
Level 33 Monsters (EP 125): Nimon, Wiashi, Eye
Level 34 Monsters (EP 128): Bozzy, Kruppuk, Mantis, Crocodile, Minorrior
Level 35 Monsters (EP 131): Tempee, Troll, Skonkey
Level 36 Monsters (EP 134): Sanmon, Flutto, Yeti, Shigun
Level 37 Monsters (EP 137): Allogator, Cyclops
Level 38 Monsters (EP 139): Trollsmash, Cleptoman, Farmzombie
Level 39 Monsters (EP 141): Musco
Level 40 Monsters (EP 146): Witch, Goblin, Mammoth, Evil sheep
Level 41 Monsters (EP 155): Smelliot, Treant, Dwarf, Trangler
Level 42 Monsters (EP 163): Ricombie, Muscolant, Shadow, Ibex
Level 43 Monsters (EP 172): Crocodylus, Bantinel, Thunderey, Zuppel
Level 44 Monsters (EP 180): Vampire, Terrorbird, Petty, Peasant, Berseclops
Level 45 Monsters (EP 188): Watcher, Muscolator, Stalker, Swabby, Tentacle, Krakacle
Level 46 Monsters (EP 196): Flappy, Stinkilot, Stormey, Goldminer, Bratty, Captain, Ninjaman
Level 47 Monsters (EP 203): Zottel, Dragon
Level 48 Monsters (EP 211): Haunter, Mummy
Level 50 Monsters (EP 224): Tyraclops, Ristless
Level 51 Monsters (EP 230): Vampmaster, Assassin, Rottummy, Apprentice, Ice Dragon
Level 53 Monsters (EP 242): Rishombie
Level 54 Monsters (EP 247): Chaomy
Level 56 Monsters (EP 257): Gazer, Dark Mage
Level 58 Monsters (EP 265): Mythrilon, Flame
Level 62 Monsters (EP 280): Ritorment
Level 67 Monsters (EP 296): Skelpirate, Aquata
Level 70 Monsters (EP 303): Abysson
Level 75 Monsters (EP 315): Crystallon
Level 82 Monsters (EP 328): Ninjana
Level 112 Monsters (EP 379): Demon, Wisp

For all monsters the loot has changed. Please be carefull while hunting.

Monster levels on islands (main quests):
Lybera: Level 2-9
Ashmor: Level 10-19
St.Nivalis: Level 20-27
Yabutu: Level 28-33
Banuna: Level 34-39
Fabulara: Level 40-43
Starrfish island: Level 44-47
Solahmar: Level 48-51

chDate: Thursday, 2011-04-21, 11:45 AM | Message # 2
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good GM but please change the armor dont follow defense value but just following lever ok?keep up GM
EllencubbyDate: Thursday, 2011-04-21, 11:47 AM | Message # 3

Bug hunter
Group: Players

Joined: 2011-02-01
Member No.: 3785
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What times for s60v5 client? ;(

Dont know lah
unbeatenDate: Thursday, 2011-04-21, 1:18 PM | Message # 4

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i don't like about armr!! don't agree 1000%!!
AngregornDate: Saturday, 2011-04-23, 2:11 PM | Message # 5
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Group: Advanced Players

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I do and dont like the new armor and wep set up. But guild hunting is going to be so much better when having one tank and 2 DD on a monster. Really fast epX)

Too bad you have to be lvl 900 to not miss with it...:(

Guild: Si Bolang, Vice-Leader, World 26

skull_knightDate: Friday, 2011-05-06, 6:09 PM | Message # 6

Bug hunter
Group: Players

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Country: Indonesia
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GM, when the spring update for high res client start ?
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