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Yeti Cuddling
WheelieOwnzDate: Tuesday, 2013-10-15, 1:02 AM | Message # 1

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I need some help. Just came back after a few months. The Quest "Yeticuddling" wants me to travel to a cave. Its marked on my map and I've clearly been there before but there is a wooden bridge broken down and I cant get to it. How do I get to the cave? There is also a teleported there but i haven't walked on it? Do i need to walk through the "Frozen Yeti" cave to get there?!
Dranu  World 14
runescapegold2007Date: Friday, 2013-12-06, 8:27 AM | Message # 2

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This isn't a issue for many new accounts but it is for old accounts. Even if you had a bad password years ago it could still be used against your account now or in the future. Make sure that you use a different email for runescape as you do for things like Facebook / personal things because information from their can be used for answering recovery questions or extra information on recovering your account. This happens to only a few people but when the person manages to get the information, it's really hard to get your account back. Also take in mind that some keyloggers / rats keylog recovery information so if your password is changed please read the section on how to remove the keylogger before submitting the appeal.

Good day .dear runescape fans ! how is ur day with runescape? many of our cutomers talked with us that their acc easily get banned although they tried hard to lvl up their favorite acc, do u guys have the same problem ? after the hard working of our runerich gamers, they summarize some tip for avoid getting banned , hope it can help our dear customers who are infected
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