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Weakness of Monsters!
XanedrinDate: Monday, 2011-06-06, 5:40 AM | Message # 1

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I'm sort of new to TibiaMe, although I have played Tibia for more than a year so far. I have a question regarding the weaknesses of the monsters. I searched the forum but couldn't find this question, so I'm sorry if it was already asked. So here it goes: Monsters in TibiaME have certain weaknesses, let's say, for example, that a bug is weak against fire (dont know if that's correct, just an hypothetical example). So if I hit a bug with a weapon that does fire damage, do you know what the +% damage bonus is? Is it a fixed percentage or an absolute value? So if i Hit a bug for 15 with a non-fire weapon, how much would be that hit with a fire type weapon, considering that they both have the same attack value (but not type)?

Thanks in advance.-


Edit: The max damage I do to a bug with a weapon type "Hit" is 10. What would be the max damage with a weapon type "Fire", if both have the same attack value?

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mlhfDate: Monday, 2011-06-20, 1:49 PM | Message # 2
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if m not mistaken to ur question, we dont know the additional attack especially in percentage, all we know is the element
TibiaME Forum » TibiaME Forum » General Questions » Weakness of Monsters!
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