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shimmelrider quest
lonewolfa1Date: Tuesday, 2011-07-26, 10:04 AM | Message # 1

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anybody know how to do shimmelrider quest paid 200 gold got magic shovel dug at spot on map but nothing happened used pickaxe tried everything really confusing thanks

just started playing and really enjoy just need a little help
brandn4765Date: Tuesday, 2011-10-18, 10:56 PM | Message # 2

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I also need help with this, i don't even know where the magic shovel is at
EvernightDate: Wednesday, 2011-10-19, 9:00 AM | Message # 3
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To brandn4765:I cant really remember it,but i think,i got the magic shovel on a quest at st nival.Sry that i cant give u an exactlier info:-(And i havnt done shimmelrider quest too...Hope,this will help u a lil.

Added (2011-10-19, 9:00:26 Am)
Now i remember the quest,where u can get the magic shovel.Dont know the name,but u have to find 5 nuts for the squirrel fluffy on st nival.And he will give u the shovel then.Wish u good luck:-)

TheDivineExcaliburDate: Saturday, 2012-07-28, 12:35 PM | Message # 4

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U dont need to use magic shovel. Go east of d target spot and you will see a tent and a pickaxe on d ground. Make sure u have a shovel. When u enter in d stairs beside d tent. You will see a dirt with a different colour. Dat dirt is dark brown. Dig it with a shovel and der u go. And go through d dungeons.
TibiaME Forum » TibiaME Forum » Quests » shimmelrider quest (stuck shimmelrider quest)
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