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Summerfeast 2014

Here is some more information on the first phase of the Summerfeast.

As you surely have noticed, several new npcs have arrived in the world of TibiaME. Talk to Sunkiest in Aurea to get started with your quest to help with the Summerfeast.

After doing the quests he tasks you with, you can participate in the daily quests of the Summerfeast preparations and earn tokens. These quests are available at the collector npcs on different islands and give you experience according to the island. On each island you can collect a special item that is needed in the preparation ritual. Just talk to the collectors on an island and he will tell you which ... Read more »

It is the time of the year when the priests of the sun praise the live giving powers of their goddess Sunna, show gratefulness for the gifts that flourish under her benevolent face and pray for the blessing of the goddess.

But something is wrong. Mishaps endanger the course of the event and the Summerfeast is on the brink of failing. Is this all just bad luck or is some sinister force behind what is happening?

Can you help the priesthood in preventing a failing of the Summerfeast? Are you able to discover the truth behind this strange mishaps? And will you participate in bringing the blessing of Sunna to the world?

Join the Summerfeast event and experience a 6 quest singleplayer questline intertwined with 3 successive worldquests.
Receive tokens of rewards from the thankful priests and exchange them for special Summerfeast items.
Ensure with your help that the blessing of Sunna shines on your world which makes hunting more rewarding.

Summer Sale 2014

Spring update 2014

From June 16th until July 7th the first Island Games will be held in TibiaME. Work together and support your favourite island in reaching the finals. Only two islands may enter the finals and only one will be victorious. Gather a team and help your island win the contest.

Spring update 2014

The Spring Update 2014 has been published. Please post your feedback and bug reports in this thread.

Spring update 2014
Here is the list of features which will be released with the update.

Boss battle in Solahmar:
A new boss battle for level 70 and above was added to Solahmar. Visit Soultaken Island and challenge Ak'ra'thes in the triple pyramid to gain a brand new hit armor set.


In addition you can get the Brute Force or Leveller as new hit weapons.


New island for high-level characters: Ephialtis
The new island is for all characters of level 105 and above... Read more »

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