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Gameworld 17 was offline due to a technical problem. We restarted the world and are investigating the issue.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Today, Friday 06.03.2015, technical problems within the network of our service provider hindered the access to our servers. The problems are solved and unhindered access should be possible again.

In addition we identified a problem that prevented the disbursement of fyber-earned Platinum. This was fixed too and the distribution of the Platinum was initiated.

We've just made an interview with GM-Karvar for the year 2015, you can find it here:

Use the forum to discuss the interview:

The Fall of Carneiro

The Fall of Carneiro festival is celebrated from Tuesday (03.03.2015) until Wednesday (10.03.2015) midnight CEST.

Double EP

It's Valentine's day! Show your love or friendship and get a uniq ring from the Marketplace. Use it to gift it to your love! That special person can then wear the ring, with a dedication, for an EP-Boost!

Limited offer, only lasts until 17.02.2014 Midnight German time!

The Winterfeast deals are coming to town!

From Friday the 19th of December until January the 5th Islands, boosts or Extra services will be off up to 25%!

So you better keep an eye on your Marketplace.

As you might have already read in the news the first ever hunting tournament starts on TibiaME today Wednesday 17.12.14.
After a short maintenance downtime you can participate and become the first ever world hunting champion on your world.

As we are aware that many of you might have some questions about how the tournament works, we decided to give you a short summary on how the tournament system works:
With the end of the downtime, the first hunting tournament in TibiaME will start. To participate you have to open the Marketplace and buy a tournament entrance ticket.

With this ticket you have to go to Colessea and use the teleporters in the south-west or the south-east of the island to get to the tournament hunting ground. The hunting ground has 3 levels with differing monster strength.
The farther down you go, the stronger the monsters will become and the more experience you get. All of the hunting grounds is also a pvp area with no death... Read more »

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