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The Winterfeast deals are coming to town!

From Friday the 19th of December until January the 5th Islands, boosts or Extra services will be off up to 25%!

So you better keep an eye on your Marketplace.

As you might have already read in the news the first ever hunting tournament starts on TibiaME today Wednesday 17.12.14.
After a short maintenance downtime you can participate and become the first ever world hunting champion on your world.

As we are aware that many of you might have some questions about how the tournament works, we decided to give you a short summary on how the tournament system works:
With the end of the downtime, the first hunting tournament in TibiaME will start. To participate you have to open the Marketplace and buy a tournament entrance ticket.

With this ticket you have to go to Colessea and use the teleporters in the south-west or the south-east of the island to get to the tournament hunting ground. The hunting ground has 3 levels with differing monster strength.
The farther down you go, the stronger the monsters will become and the more experience you get. All of the hunting grounds is also a pvp area with no death... Read more »

Tomorrow Wednesday (17.12.2014) 09:00 CEST there will be a short downtime on all gameworlds for some maintenance work.

After the downtime the first ever hunting tournament will start on each world to find the first world hunting champion.

Come to Colossea and be part of it!

While doing some routine checks we discovered some balancing issues with the pets level up experience.
The issues were rebalanced and will go live with the next server save.
It is possible that some of your pets, especially the dragons, the pets of darkness or the Cerberus will rise in level. This is no bug but the result of the rebalancing.

With the next server save we will release a little fix for the NPC Jericho. You will then be able to get more information about the worldquest when talking to him. Besides the status of the barriers and the hell crystal delivery you can also ask him how much time is left until you need to have reached your goal.
The time he gives is not exact but an approximation. Only in the last 30 minutes will he tell you exact amount of seconds you have left.

From December 22nd until January 11th the Winterfeast will be celebrated in TibiaME. Work together to earn a 10% EP Bonus for every monster killed and uncover the secret contents of the Winterfeast gifts!

Little stamina calculator been added:

As suggested: "You choose what time character was off and with what stamina.. then calculator say at what time stamina will be full"

With the next server save we will make some small adjustments to Erebos world quest and the Mutabor boss battle.

Erebos Worldquest
We will increase the duration of the dark blood stain on the rocks and raised the probability for the creation of black blood ore.
In addition we reduced the initial upkeep for the first barrier and lowered the raise of the upkeep.
This should make it easier to keep the barrier open.

Mutabor Timeout
We raised the timeout for Mutabors last battle phase to 20 minutes. This should make it able for players to win the battle without making it to easy and still prevent the blocking of the boss battle.

Explanation NPCs
We decided against placing a anew npc that explains the world quest on Erebos. The players that are interested on keeping Erebos open will spread the word on how the system works. Also a future translation of the npc Jericho should solve the problem.

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