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Premium - Getting it without Credit Card easy method
AngregornDate: Saturday, 2011-04-09, 0:13 AM | Message # 1
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Best method i have found to get premium:

Requirements: 1. Able to get your hands on a iphone/itouch/ipad. (Go to an apple store, they let you use them for free biggrin )
2. You have an itunes account that you can access. (Go here to sign up for one or sign up for one through an iphone/itouch/ipad: https://store.apple.com/1-800-M.... )

Instructions: 1. Go to walmart/gamestop/apple store/or any store where they sell itunes gift cards or app store gift cards and buy one gift card with cash or credit card or any form of money(Minimum is $15 dollars).
3. Get on an iphone/itouch/ipad and click on the app store.
4. Log into your itunes account/apple id.
5. Scroll to the very bottom and click redeem gift cards and put in the code that is on the back of your itunes/app gift card. (You now have a credit of $15 or whatever the amount on the gift card you payed for on your account cool )
6. Search tibiame in the app store and download/install it. (Its free)
8. Start/open the game on the iphone/itouch/ipad.
9. Click on subscribe option that is on the first screen menu before you log in.
10. Put in your character name and world number. (No password needed! And make sure you have charcter name and world right!)
11. Choose the premium option you want. (Theirs 1month for $5.99, 2months for $9.99, and 4months for $18.99. Same price as element5.)
12. It will ask you to put in your username and password for itunes if you haven't logged into itunes already.
13. Click accept to the purchase.
You now have instant premium!
You can now log into your phone that you play tibiame on regularly and log into your character and you'll have premium biggrin

Ask me any questions you guys have!

Too bad you have to be lvl 900 to not miss with it...:(

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unbeatenDate: Saturday, 2011-04-16, 1:07 PM | Message # 2

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i know tongue . don't be angry i'm just telling. haha.
TibiaME Forum » TibiaME Forum » General » Premium - Getting it without Credit Card easy method (How to get premium without credit card easy)
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